#VastEarlyAmerica Resources

We remain committed to our central mission of supporting scholars and scholarship of early America. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are pivoting to focus on and increase our digital offerings. Please stay in touch and let us know how we might serve you during this difficult time.

Digital Resources for #VastEarlyAmerica

As we all shift to reliance on online materials learning and teaching —– and just for exploring —– the vast early American past, the OI thought it would be useful to start a central resource. These started with resources from some of our institutional partners and scholars we have worked with, but will also include organizations and scholars we’re just learning about.

Our special thanks to Jessica Parr for supplying a wealth of data for the attached pages.

To contribute additional suggestions, please contact us directly.

Blogs & Journals

These blogs and journals focus on early America, broadly understood. For a quick look at weekly articles of interest—many from the sources found on the Blogs & Journals page—check out the OI’s Octo.


Collections of early American archival materials either within an archive or library, or curated by a scholar or group. You can explore these collections for research, for student projects, and for learning.


Lectures, digital visualizations, and exhibits from scholars, museums, and other organizations.

Transcription Projects

These offer the opportunity for anyone–scholars, students, and the general public–to get involved in the work of history by helping to transcribe historical documents. This makes for great work for students, but we confess it is often a quite soothing end of day activity for those of us teaching!


Listen to some of our favorite podcasts. Most are available wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Readings in Sickness and Disease

The Omohundro Institute offers readings from OI books and the William and Mary Quarterly as well as links to episodes of Ben Franklin’s World for those interested in reading more about sickness and disease in early America. All OI books are available open access via Project MUSE through the end of June 2020.


Our thanks to the faculty who have shared these valuable teaching plans.

Teaching Workshops with Cate Denial

Ongoing OI resources

We have created the following resources to help support and grow that community. We hope that you use them regularly and contact us (oieahc@wm.edu) often with updates and suggestions.

  • Thanks to Jessica Parr (Simmons College), we offer some terrific resources to help you manage the data you collect. Check out her Data Management for Historians page.
  • The Map lists conferences, seminars, workshops and events of interest to early Americanists around the world.
  • The List organizes fellowships, grants and other opportunities available to scholars of early America either by due date or name.
  • Works in Progress, based on one of our oldest and most beloved features in the print edition of Uncommon Sense, gathers the recipient names and winning project titles of recently awarded early American-related fellowships so that you can see who is working on what and where.
  • The Octo aggregates eight of the best early Americanist blogs available in one spot for quick reading every day.