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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 64, no. 3 July 2007

Adaptation and Innovation: Archaeological and Architectural
Perspectives on the Seventeenth-Century Chesapeake
 | Web Supplement
Willie Graham, Carter L. Hudgins, Carl R. Lounsbury, Fraser D. Neiman, and James P. Whittenburg

Inventive Localism in the Seventeenth Century
Peter Thompson

The Housing Stock of the Early United States:
Refinement Meets Migration

Carole Shammas

Objects of Distant Exchange: The Northwest Coast,
New England, Early America, and the Global Imagination

Anya Zilberstein

Notes and Documents

Looking the Other Way: The Gnadenhutten Massacre
and the Contextual Interpretation of Violence

Rob Harper

Review of Books

Matson, The Economy of Early America: Historical Perspectives and New Directions. By Richard R. John645

Wertheimer, Underwriting: The Poetics of Insurance in America, 1722–1872. By John Majewski648

Miller, The Needle’s Eye: Women and Work in the Age of Revolution; and Mohanty, Labor and Laborers of the Loom: Mechanization and Handloom Weavers, 1780–1840. By Edward S. Cooke Jr.651

Kupperman, The Jamestown Project; and Kelso, Jamestown: The Buried Truth. By Natalie Zacek655

Toulouse, The Captive’s Position: Female Narrative, Male Identity, and Royal Authority in Colonial New England. By Tiffany Potter659

Meyers and Perreault, eds., Colonial Chesapeake: New Perspectives. By J. Elliott Russo662

Middleton, From Privleges to Rights: Work and Politics in Colonal New York City. By Donna J. Rilling665

Marten, ed., Children in Colonial America; and Werner, In Pursuit of Liberty: Coming of Age in the American Revolution. By Barry Levy668

Gellman, Emancipating New York: The Politics of Slavery and Freedom 1777–1827. By Joshua R. Greenberg673