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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 54, no. 2 April 1997

Forum: Editing Early America: Michael McGiffert and the
William and Mary Quarterly, 1972–1997

Ronald Hoffman, Patricia U. Bonomi, Lois Green Carr, Richard S. Dunn, Edmund S. Morgan, John M. Murrin, Gary Nash, Mary Beth Norton, David B. Quinn, Thad Tate, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, and Gordon S. Wood

Holly Brewer, Entailing Aristocracy in Colonial Virginia: “Ancient Feudal Restraints”
and Revolutionary Reform

Steven W. Hackel, The Staff of Leadership: Indian Authority in the Missions of Alta California347

Notes and Documents

The Vingboons Chart of the James River,
Virginia, circa 1617

Michael Jarvis and Jeroen van Driel

New Light on the “20. and Odd Negroes”
Arriving in Virginia, August 1619

Engel Sluiter

Who Wrote “The North American” Essays?
Ronald M. Gephart

Reviews of Books

Conroy, In Public Houses: Drink and the Revolution of Authority in Colonial Massachusetts.
By Alfred F. Young413

Hancock, Citizens of the World: London Merchants and the Integration of the British Atlantic Community, 1735–1785. By Kenneth Morgan416

Winship, Seers of God: Puritan Providentialism in the Restoration and Early Enlightenment.
By Richard Godbeer418

Cowing, The Saving Remnant: Religion and the Settling of New England. By Frank Lambert420

Martin, Governance and Society in Colonial Mexico: Chihuahua in the Eighteenth Century.
By Susan M. Deeds422

Mandell, Behind the Frontier: Indians in Eighteenth-Century Eastern Massachusetts.
By Jack Campisi424

Iron Men, Wooden Women: Gender and Seafaring in the Atlantic World, 1700–1920, ed.
Creighton and Norling. By Joan Druett426

Pritchard, Anatomy of a Naval Disaster: The 1746 French Naval Expedition to North
. By Julian Gwyn428

Ribiero, The Art of Dress: Fashion in England and France 1750 to 1820.
By Patricia A. Cunningham430

Ragsdale, A Planters’ Republic: The Search for Economic Independence in Revolutionary Virginia. By Woody Holton432

Cogliano, No King, No Popery: Anti-Catholicism in Revolutionary New England.
By John P. Barrington434

Clarke, The Siege of Fort Cumberland, 1776: An Episode in the American Revolution.
By Gordon T. Stewart436

Nelson, Sir Charles Grey, First Earl Grey: Royal Soldier, Family Patriarch.
By Joseph M. Fewster438

Yorktown Victory Center: A Museum of the American Revolution. By Barbara Clark Smith440

Russian-American Dialogue on the American Revolution, ed. Wood and Wood.
By David J. Nordlander442

Rakove, Original Meanings: Politics and Ideas in the Making of the Constitution.
By Lance Banning444

Ireland, Religion, Ethnicity, and Politics: Ratifying the Constitution in Pennsylvania.
By Charles S. Olton447

John, Spreading the News: The American Postal System from Franklin to Morse.
By Eve Kornfeld448

Etcheson, The Emerging Midwest: Upland Southerners and the Political Culture of the Old Northwest, 1787–1861. By Kim M. Gruenwald451

Errington, Wives and Mothers, Schoolmistresses and Scullery Maids: Working Women in Upper Canada, 1790–1840. By Marjorie Griffin Cohen453

West, The Politics of Revelation and Reason: Religion and Civic Life in the New Nation.
By Richard Carwardine454

Remer, Printers and Men of Capital: Philadelphia Book Publishers in the New Republic.
By Richard D. Brown457

Cunningham, The Presidency of James Monroe. By Greg Russell458

Meinig, The Shaping of America: A Geographical Perspective on 500 Years of History. Volume 2:Continental America, 1800–1867. By Nancy Langston460

Lindgren, Preserving Historic New England: Preservation, Progressivism, and the Remaking of Memory. By Donald R. Friary463