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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 53, no. 1 January 1996

Material Culture in Early America
Editor’s Note

Michael McGiffert

Material Things and Cultural Meanings: Notes on the
Study of Early American Material Culture

Ann Smart Martin

Dressing for Success on the Mohawk Frontier: Hendrick,
William Johnson, and the Indian Fashion

Timothy J. Shannon

The Material World of Cloth: Production and Use in
Eighteenth-Century Rural Pennsylvania

Adrienne D. Hood

The Search for a New Rural Order: Farmhouses in Sutton,
Massachusetts, 1790–1830

Nora Pat Small

The Archaeology of African-American Slavery
and Material Culture

Patricia Samford

Weaving History: Cherokee Baskets from the Springplace Mission
Sarah H. Hill

Visual Images of Blacks in Early American Imprints
Barbara E. Lacey

Reviews of Books

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Upper Hudson Region
. By Sarah Peabody Turnbaugh203

Backscheider, Spectacular Politics: Theatrical Power and Mass Culture in Early Modern
. By Bruce Burgett204

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By Bruce Burgett204

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By Avihy Zakai208

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By Alison Games210

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Publishing and Readership in Revolutionary France and America: A Symposium at the Library
of Congress, Sponsored by the Center for the Book and the European Division
, ed. Armbruster.
By David McKitterick233

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