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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 45, no. 1 January 1988

The “Great National Discussion”:
The Discourse of Politics in 1787

Isaac Kramnick

Evangelicals Triumphant: The Baptists’
Assault on the Virginia Glebes, 1786–1801

Thomas E. Buckley, S. J.

Errand to the Indies:
Puritan Colonization from Providence Island
through the Western Design

Karen Ordahl Kupperman

Notes and Documents

James Oglethorpe and the
Early Promotional Literature for Georgia

Rodney M. Baine

Alexander Hamilton’s Tontine Proposal
Robert M. Jennings, Donald F. Swanson, and Andrew P. Trout

Forum: Toward a History of the Standard of
Living in British North America

Lorena S. Walsh, Questions and Sources for Exploring the Standard of Living116

Gloria L. Main, The Standard of Living in Southern New England, 1640–1773124

Lois Green Carr and Lorena S. Walsh, The Standard of Living in the Colonial

Jackson Turner Main, Summary: The Hereafter160

Billy G. Smith, Comment163

John J. McCusker, Comment167

Reviews of Books

Meinig, The Shaping of America: A Geographical Perspective on 500 Years of History. Vol. I: Atlantic America, 1492–1800. By James Axtell173

Thompson, Sex in Middlesex: Popular Mores in a Massachusetts County, 1649–1699. By
Richard P. Gildrie175

Toulouse, The Art of Prophesying: New England Sermons and the Shaping of Belief. By E.
Brooks Holifield177

Bonomi, Under the Cope of Heaven: Religion, Society, and Politics in Colonial America. By
Philip F. Gura179

Power and Status: Officeholding in Colonial America, ed. Daniels. By James Kirby Martin182

Batinski, The New Jersey Assembly, 1738–1775: The Making of a Legislative Community. By Robert J. Dinkin184

Giraud, The Métis in the Canadian West. By Nancy J. Christie186

Ditz, Property and Kinship: Inheritance in Early Connecticut, 1750–1820. By Cornelia
Hughes Dayton189

Die Korrespondenz Heinrich Melchior M├╝hlenbergs: Aus der Anfangszeit des Deutschen
Luthertums in Nordamerika.
Band I: 1740–1752. Band 2: 1753–1762, ed. Aland. By A. G.

Doerflinger, A Vigorous Spirit of Enterprise: Merchants and Economic Development in Revolutionary Philadelphia. By Marc Egnal193

Naval Documents of the American Revolution. Vols. 3–4, ed. Clark. Vols. 5–9, ed. Morgan.
By David Syrett196

Searcy, The Georgia–Florida Contest in the American Revolution, 1776–1778. By Clyde R.

Dewey, Thomas Jefferson, Lawyer. By Adele Hast200

The Papers of John Marshall. Vol. 3: Correspondence and Papers, January 1796–December 1798, ed. Stinchcombe, Cullen and Tobias. Vol. 4: Correspondence and Papers, January 1799–October 1800, ed. Hobson, Teute, Hoemann, and Hillinger. By James H.