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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 44, no. 3 July 1987

Riddles of the Federal Constitutional Convention
James H. Hutson

The Great Compromise: Ideas, Interests, and the
Politics of Constitution Making

Jack N. Rakove

Reason and Compromise in the Establishment of the
Federal Constitution, 1787–1801

William E. Nelson

The Political Psychology of The Federalist
Daniel W. Howe

Melancton Smith and the
Letters from the Federal Farmer

Robert H. Webking

The Contract Clause and the Evolution of
American Federalism 1789–1815

Steven R. Boyd

The Creation of the American Republic, 1776–1787:
A Symposium of Views and Reviews

Ruth H. Bloch, The Constitution and Culture550

Edward Countryman, Of Republicanism, Capitalism, and the “American Mind”556

John Patrick Diggins, Between Bailyn and Beard: The Perspectives of Gordon S. Wood563

John Howe, Gordon S. Wood and the Analysis of Political Culture in the American Revolutionary Era569

Ralph Ketcham, Publius: Sustaining the Republican Principle576

Pauline Maier, A Pearl in a Gnarled Shell: Gordon S. Wood’s The Creation of the American Republic Reconsidered583

Jackson Turner Main, An Agenda for Research on the Origins and Nature of the Constitution of 1787–1788591

John M. Murrin, Gordon S. Wood and the Search for Liberal America597

Gary B. Nash, Also There at the Creation: Going beyond Gordon S. Wood602

Peter S. Onuf, State Politics and the Ideological Transformation: Gordon S. Wood’s Republican Revolution612

Jack N. Rakove, Gordon S. Wood, the “Republican Synthesis,”and the Path Not Taken617

Garry Wills, Talking Ourselves Out of a Fight623

Gordon S. Wood, Ideology and the Origins of Liberal America628

Reviews of Books

White, Philosophy, The Federalist, and the Constitution. By John Howe641

The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. Vol. 3: Ratification of the Constitution by the States. Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut. ed. Jensen. Vol. 13: Commentaries on the Constitution. Public and Private, 21 February to 7 November 1787.
Vol. 14: 8 November to 17 December 1787. Vol. 15: 18 December 1787 to 31 January 1788, ed. Kaminski, Saladino, et al. By Forrest McDonald643

Documentary History of the First Federal Congress of the United States of America, March 4, 1789–March 3, 1791. Vol. 2: Senate Executive Journal and Related Documents. Vol. 3: House of Representatives Journaland Related Documents, ed. De Pauw et al. Vol. 4: Legislative Histories. Amendments to the Constitution through Foreign Officers Bill [H.R. II6]. Vol. 5: Legislative Histories. Funding Act [H.R. 63] through Militia Bill /[H.R. 11 2]. Vol. 6: Legislative Histories. Mitigation of Fines Bill [H.R. 38] through Resolution on Unclaimed Western Lands, ed. Bickford and Veit. By Jacob E. Cooke646

Levy, Constitutional Opinions: Aspects of the Bill of Rights. By Francis N. Stites650

Curry, The First Freedoms: Church and State in America to the Passage of the First
. By John F. Berens652

The First Amendment: The Legacy of George Mason, ed. Shumate. By George M. Curtis III654