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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 41, no. 1 January 1984

Revising the Errand: New England’s Ways and the
Puritan Sense of the Past

David M. Scobey

The Meeting of Elite and Popular Minds at
Cambridge, New England, 1638–1645

George Selement

Toward a History of
Popular Religion in Early New England

David D. Hall

New England as Idea and Society Revisited
Darrett B. Rutman

Charles Brockden Brown,Edgar Huntly and the
Origins of the American Picturesque

Dennis Berthold

Notes and Documents
The Population of the United States, 1790: A Symposium

The European Ancestry of the
United States Population, 1790

Thomas L. Purvis

Why the Accepted Estimates of Ethnicity of the
American People, 1790, Are Unacceptable

Donald H. Akenson

Commentary: Thomas L. Purvis, Donald H. Akenson, and Forrest and
Ellen Shapiro McDonald


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