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William and Mary Quarterly

3d ser., 35, no. 3 July 1978

The Pro-Americans of London, 1769 to 1782The Pro-Americans of London, 1769 to 1782
John Sainsbury

Social Change and Cultural Conflict in Virginia: Lunenberg County, 1746 to 1774Social Change and Cultural Conflict in Virginia: Lunenberg County, 1746 to 1774
Richard R. Beeman

Religion and the American Revolution: Samuel Cooper and the Brattle Street ChurchReligion and the American Revolution: Samuel Cooper and the Brattle Street Church
Charles W. Akers

Notes and Documents

“Middling People” or “Common Sort”?: The Social Origins of Some Early Americans Reexamined
David W. Galenson

Mildred Campbell’s ResponseMildred Campbell’s Response


Doctoral Dissertations
Reviews of Books

Hatch, The Sacred Cause of Liberty: Republican Thought and the Millenium in Revolutionary New England By Robert Middlekauff560

Horwitz, The Transformation of American Law, 1780–1860. By John E. Crowley562

Fischer, Growing Old in America. By Michael Stephen Hindus564

Cott, The Bonds of Womanhood: “Woman’s Sphere” in New England, 1780–1835. By Edward Shorter566

Seelye, Prophetic Waters: The River in Early American Life and Literature. By Robert D. Richardson, Jr.568

Burg, Richard Mather of Dorchester. By David D. Hall570

Lucas, Portents of Rebellion: Rhetoric and Revolution in Philadelphia, 1765–1776. By Norman S. Cohen573

Davis, Sectionalism in American Politics, 1774–1787. By Jack N. Rakove574

Bellot, William Knox: The Life and Thought of an Eighteenth-Century Imperialist.  | In the News
Jack Sosin

Schlereth, 578

Classical Traditions in Early America, ed. Eadie. By Stanley J. Idzerda580

Hill, The Political Theory of John Taylor of Caroline. By Harry Ammon582

Sellers, Patience Wright: American Artist and Spy in George III’s London. By J. L. Bullion584

The Native Population of the Americas in 1492, ed. Denevan. By Alfred W. Crosby586

Cook, The Indian Population of New England in the Seventeenth Century. By Alfred W. Crosby586

The Papers of James Iredell. Volume I: 1767–1777. Volume II: 1778–1783, ed. Higgenbotham. By Marvin L. Michael Kay588

Russo, Families and Communities: A New View of American History. By David Grayson Allen590

Stoianovich, French Historical Method: The Annales Paradigm. By Daniel Scott Smith591

Oliver, The Portraits of John Marshall. By James T. Callow592

Fowler, Rebels Under Sail: The American Navy during the Revolution. By Christopher McKee594

McLachlan, Princetonians, 1748–1768: A Biographical Dictionary. By John A. Schutz595

MacDougall, American Revolutionary: A Biography of General Alexander McDougall. By Jacob Judd597

Letters to the Editor