JSTOR Electronic Journal Database

JSTOR is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the digital preservation of academic journals. The Quarterly was one of ten journals selected initially for a pilot project to determine if there was adequate demand for such a service. Originally, only universities, colleges, and other not-for-profit research organizations were allowed to subscribe to the service. The Quarterly is now being offered as part of a program to grant access to individuals unaffiliated with participating institutions.

Individual subscriptions to the JSTOR service allow individuals to access and search issues published between 1892 and 2002 from any computer. The early volumes mainly contain articles and primary documents concerning Virginia, while later volumes have a broader scope, dealing with early America as a whole.

Using JSTOR is easy. Subscribers access the database of Quarterly back issues using a username and password. Other than a computer with a modem and an internet connection, no special hardware or software is needed to view journal articles. On screen, pages appear exactly as they do in the original hard copy journal, complete with maps, graphs, and pictures. Users can print, download, and bookmark articles for future reference.

JSTOR also contains a search engine that permits users to perform comprehensive searches for words, phrases, or names located anywhere in the Quarterly’s 58,917 pages and 108 volumes. These searching capabilities far exceed those offered by other resources, such as CDs. Once the key word or name has been located, the pages are identified and can be read or printed. Author, title, and Boolean searches are also possible. When viewing an article, users may start at the beginning or jump directly to a page on which a requested keyword appears.

A one-year subscription costs $50. Or, become an Institute Associate with an annual pledge of $100 or more and receive access through JSTOR to the online back issues of the Quarterly for the length of your Associate membership AND a one-year subscription to the current print and online volume of the Quarterly; the Institute’s newsletter, Uncommon Sense; a book published recently by the Institute; and a 20% discount on all Institute books. A JSTOR subscription to back issues of the William and Mary Quarterly online is also a terrific gift for anyone interested in early American history or genealogy. Please submit your subscription at least two weeks before you would like your access to the service to begin.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Beginning in mid-March 2008, the appearance of JSTOR’s Web site will change. Long-term JSTOR users will continue to use the same username and password and follow the same login process, but the new site will offer greater search capabilities. In addition, all users will be automatically linked to a MyJSTOR account, a new personalization feature that will enable you to save and sort citations.

The William and Mary Quarterly is published by the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, which is jointly sponsored by the College of William and Mary and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.