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Translation and Transmission in the Early Americas: The Fourth Early Americanist ‘Summit’

Saturday, June 4, 2016

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Session V
Tawes Hall, University of Maryland

16. Languages of Belonging and Exclusion in the Early Modern Circum-Caribbean

Room 3136

Organizers: April Lee Hatfield (Texas A&M University) and Brad Dixon (University of Texas)

Chair: Herman Bennett (City University of New York, Graduate Center)

April Lee Hatfield (Texas A&M University), Religion, Race, and the Body Politic in the Caribbean, 1670–1720

Brad Dixon (University of Texas), ‘Neither vassals nor subjects of your Gouernemt’: The Legal Status of Indians in the Anglo-Spanish Southeast, 1600–1715

Jesse Cromwell (University of Mississippi), Morality, Mobility, and the Language of Commercial Exclusion in the Eighteenth-Century Spanish Caribbean

Comment: Herman Bennett (City University of New York, Graduate Center)

17. Graduate Student Colloquy with Michael Witgen

Room 3248

Organizers: Sarah Bonnie, Moderator (University of Maryland), Matthias Ball (University of Maryland), Joseph Slaughter (University of Maryland), Lisa Warren Carney (University of Maryland)

18. Translingual Pietism

Room 3132

Organizer: Patrick Erben (University of West Georgia)

Chair: Oliver Scheiding (University Mainz)

Philippa R. Koch (University of Chicago), ‘Aus dem Englischen übersetzt’: English and German Pietist Print and Translation Networks

Hans B. Leaman (Yale University), Whitefield among the Pennsylvania Pietists

Rowena McClinton (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Transnational Reaches of Pietism as Absorbed by Moravian Missionary Anna Rosina Gambold, in Springplace Mission among the Cherokees

19. Translation and Science in the Enlightenment: Ethnography, Natural History and Materia Medica

Room 3252

Organizer: Allison Bigelow (University of Virginia)

Chair: Mark Lentz (Utah Valley University)

Margaret Ewalt (Wake Forest University), Entangled Empires and Epistemologies in Llano Zapata’s Memorias histórico, físicas (Perú/Spain 1758)

Gordon Sayre (University of Oregon), Species and Media of Early America: the Codex Canadensis and Other Remarkable Natural History Manuscripts

20. Treaties and Translations: Tracking Meanings across Colonial Borders

Room 3250

Organizer: Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe (Northwestern University)

Chair: James Merrell (Vassar College)

Karim Tiro (Xavier University) and Roy Wright (Concordia University), Concepts of Quantity and Transfer in Native American Treatymaking

David A. Nichols (Indiana State University), The Pleasures of the Table Are Its Dangers Too: Prandial Diplomacy in Eighteenth Century Eastern America

Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe (Northwestern University), Land Without a Lingua Franca

Commentator: Ignacio Gallup-Diaz (Bryn Mawr)

Session V

21. Interpreting America: Roundtable on Language, Knowledge, and Practice in Colonial Sciences

Room 3132

Organizers: Ryan Kashanipour (Northern Arizona University/OIEAHC) and Allison Bigelow (University of Virginia)

Moderator: Iris Montero (Brown University)

Hugh Cagle (University of Utah), Of Manatees and Men: Interpretive Ambiguity at the Edge of the Amazon

Allison Bigelow (University of Virginia), Translatio Metallum: The Translation of Empire and Natural Knowledge from Almadén to Potosí (and back)

Pablo Gómez (University of Wisconsin), Translating Power: Seventeenth Century Black Caribbean Ways of Knowing the Natural World

Comment: Chi-ming Yang (University of Pennsylvania)

22. Communicating Faith: Missionary Transcontinental Dialogues

Room 3136

Organizer: Ann Louise Cole (Independent Scholar)

Chair: Laura Stevens (University of Tulsa)

Luis Fernando Restrepo (University of Arkansas), Purity and Danger in Cartagena de Indias: Catholic Rituals on the Body and Soul in Alonso de Sandoval’s De instauranda aethiopum salute (1627, 1646)

Linda Jones (University of Arkansas), Foreign Missionaries in a Foreign Land: Miscarriage of Commitment from Paris to the Mississippi

Ann Cole (Independent Scholar), Silenced with Words: Exploring Translation and Agency in the Jesuit Guarani Reductions

23. Roundtable on “Unsettling Translation”

Room 3252

Organizer: Gretchen Woertendyke (University of South Carolina)

Moderator: Gretchen Woertendyke (University of South Carolina)

Mary Grace Albanese (Columbia University), Uncle Tom Across the Atlantic (and Back): The Haitian Response to Harriet Beecher Stowe

Joanne van der Woude (University of Groningen), Moravian Harmony: Hearts and Blood in the Pachgatgoch Hymnal

Alejandra Dubcovsky (Yale University), The Timucua Writers in Spanish Texts

Rodrigo Lazo (University of California, Irvine), The Commerce of Translation: Manuel Torres and the Languages of Trade in the Early Americas

24. Translating Africa in the Early Modern Era

Room 3250

Organizer: Ralph Bauer (University of Maryland)

Chair: Wendy Warren (Princeton University)

Rubén Sánchez Godoy (Southern Methodist University), Translation as Mediation and Agency: African Translators in Alonso de Sandoval’s Treatise on Slavery (1627)

Andrea Guerrero Mosquera (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana de México), Catechisms for Africans’ Evangelization in the Portuguese and Hispanic Positions Overseas in the Seventeenth Century

Steven Thomas (Wagner College), The Circum-Atlantic Surrogation of Ethiopia

Lunch Break (catered, third-floor foyer, Tawes)

Business Meeting of the Society of Early Americanists

Room 3132

Session VI

25. States of Spiritual Happiness in Early America

Room 3136

Organizer: Patrick Erben (University of West Georgia)

Chair: Timothy Sweet (West Virginia University))

Jennifer Adams-Massmann (University of Heidelberg), Life, (Common) Property, and the Pursuit of ‘Blessedness’: European and Native American Women in the Early Moravian Movement (1740–1760)

Katharine E. Campbell (University of California, Santa Barbara), A Glimpse Beyond: The Experience of Reciting Michael Wigglesworth’s The Day of Doom

Gino Conti (University of Southern California), Feeling Grace: Methodist and Moravian Belonging in John Wesley’s Georgia Journal

26. Translating Nature: a Transcultural History of Early Modern Science

Room 3252

Organizer: Jaime Marroquín Arredondo (Western Oregon University)

Chair: Jaime Marroquín Arredondo (Western Oregon University)

John Slater (University of California, Davis), The Utility of Natural History in Early Modern Spain (1540–1630)

Daniela Bleichmar (University of Southern California), Indigenous Knowledge, Colonial Knowledge, European Knowledge: The Translations of the Codex Mendoza

Luis Millones Figueroa (Colby College), Bernabé Cobo’s Inquiries in the Natural World and Native Knowledge

Marcy Norton (George Washington University), Technologies vs. Epistemologies vs. Ontologies: Reflections on Microhistory, Indigenous Studies, and the History of Science

27. Los tonos del lenguaje crítico en el mundo Ibérico e Iberoamérica

Room 3248

Organizer: Natalia Silva Prada (Library of Congress)/p>

Chair: Alejandro Cañeque (University of Maryland)

Natalia Silva Prada (Library of Congress), El atrevido traslado del lenguaje injurioso: el viaje del graffiti y de los ‘masepasquines’ a la América española (1500–1634)

Carlos Jáuregui (University of Notre Dame), Ejercicios de desmemoria colonial IV: Juan Vega y la invención de la Riviera Maya

Gabriel Torres Puga (El Colegio de México), El Manifiesto de José Antonio Rojas: una crítica a la Inquisición a comienzos del siglo XIX

Loreley El Jaber (University of Buenos Aires/CONICET), Violencia en el Río de la Plata. Regulaciones de un discurso, circulación de una historia

28. Native Sounds: Translations of Song, Dance, and Dialogue

Room 3132

Organizer: Joanne van der Woude (University of Groningen)

Chair: Heather Miyano Kopelson (University of Alabama)

Steffi Dippold (Kansas State University), ‘The Life of All Language is in its Pronunciation’: Roger Williams’s Premises of Translation

Joanne van der Woude (University of Groningen), Hearing Aztec History in Nahuatl Sacred Song

Glenda Goodman (University of Pennsylvania), ‘The indians are all desirous of having Gamuts’: Finding the Materiality of Native American Hymnody

Comment: Heather Miyano Kopelson (University of Alabama)

Session VII

29. Translation and Mis-Translation: the Possibilities and Limits of Indigenous Language Encounters in Early America

Room 3132

Organizer: Sean P. Harvey (Seton Hall University)

Chair: David J. Silverman (George Washington University)

Sarah Rivett (Princeton University), The ‘Savage Sounds’ of Christian Translations: How Missionaries Confronted the Limits of Christian Universalism in Early America

Sean P. Harvey (Seton Hall University), Towers, Serpents, and Confused Tongues: Translating Traditions of Linguistic Difference

Valeria Añón (Universidad de Buenos Aires/CONICET), Memory and Translation in Mestizo Chronicles from the New Spain

30. Translating the Mexica—Translating the Christian: Nahuatl in the Transcultural Conversation

Room 3136

Organizer: John Schwaller (University of Albany)

Chair: José Lara (Morgan State University)

Christopher Valesey (Pennsylvania State University), The Knights of New Spain: Eagles, Jaguars, and the Nahua Military Ethos

John Schwaller (University of Albany), The Panquetzaliztli Rituals in the Primeros memoriales and the Florentine Codex: Differing Views of the Same Feast

Annette D. Richie (University at Albany), Assertive Nahuatl and Submissive Spanish in the Confraternal Charters of Colonial Tecamachalco, Puebla, Mexico

31. Enlightened Debate: The Right of Autonomy in Eighteenth-Century Spanish America

Room 3250

Organizer: Allison Bigelow (University of Virginia)

Chair: Tamara Harvey (George Mason University)

Keith Green (Rutgers University), Briton Hammon in Cuba: Rethinking Black Bondage in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World

Elise Bartosik-Vélez (Dickinson College), Moving the Seat of Empire: Proposals to Safeguard Greater Spain and England in the Americas

Comment: Tamara Harvey (George Mason University)

32. Nineteenth-Century Print Culture and Translation in the Americas: II

Room 3252

Organizer: Ralph Bauer (University of Maryland)

Chair: Kirsten Silva Gruesz (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Travis Ross (University of Utah), Printing the Pacific: History, Memory, and Identity between Empires, 1800–1880

Juliane Braun (University of Bonn), Translating the Pacific: Atlantic Print Cultures and the Creation of a Transoceanic American Empire

Pablo Martínez Gramuglia (Universidad de Buenos Aires), The Lettered Man as a Translator at the Beginning of the 19th Century

Martin Bowen-Silva (New York University, Abu Dhabi), Translating Patriotism: Luis Ambrosio Morante and the Construction of a Revolutionary Theatre Repertoire in South America (1808–1835)

5:00 p.m.
Keynote Address III
Ulrich Recital Hall, Tawes Hall (first floor, University of Maryland

Anna Brickhouse (University of Virginia), Mistranslation and Beyond

Reception and Dinner Banquet (Roof Terrace, Tawes Hall, third floor)
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